What is a Recycle Party?

Recycle Party seeks to encourage people to get together in real life for the purpose of trading items saved from landfills. Many artisans specialize in scrap materials (like plastic bags, bottle caps, t-shirts, cords, old wood, etc.) and have difficulty saving enough to fulfill their needs.  Many people are saving scrap materials without using them because they can't bear to see them in landfills.  Recycle Party would like to connect these two groups of people.  If you fall into one (or both) of these groups, please register with us and tell us what you need or what you have to donate.

Initially, the idea manifested as an Etsy team but grew into something different.  

Why join Recycle Party?

Joining is free and here are some of the benefits

  • blog, where you can give readers a peek into living an earth-friendly life.
  • Access to our Private Forum.
  • The ability to submit Etsy Listings into our shopping section (coming soon).